Seasoned game industry Art Director/Character Artist. Skilled team leader with a good sense of aesthetics (and humor), adept at directing internal and external teams, improving pipelines, outsourcing art and problem solving. Talented character artist with strong modeling and texturing skills. Always pushing the envelope to make the best graphics possible. Over 30 titles shipped. Over 30 million units sold. Metacritic scores in the 80ís.




2015-present    WAYFORWARD, Valencia, CA
                                      ART MANAGER
                                            LeapFrog Academy
                                               art director
                                            Disney's Decendants
                                               art director

2014                   FREELANCE, Moorpark, CA
                                      DIGITAL ARTIST
                                           2nd Screen Society 
                                           3D6 Games 
                                           Alliance Studios   

2013                   2K SPORTS, Northridge, CA
                                      ART DIRECTOR
                                            WWE 2K14 
                                               art director

2008-2013         THQ , Agoura Hills, CA
                                      ART DIRECTOR
                                            WWE '13 
                                               character art director
                                            UFC Undisputed 3
                                               character art director
                                            WWE '12
                                               character art director
                                            UFC Trainer
                                               coporate art review
                                            WWE Allstars
                                               coporate art review
                                            Smackdown VS. Raw 2011 
                                               character art director
                                            UFC 2010 Undisputed 
                                               character art director
                                            Smackdown VS. Raw 2010
                                               character art director
                                            UFC 2009 Undisputed 
                                               art directed some of the outsourced characters, environment work

2008-2008        MASS MEDIA- THQ, Moorpark, CA
                                      SENIOR CHARACTER ARTIST
                                           Underwater Shooter (unreleased)
                                                senior creature artist
                                            UFC 2009 Undisputed 
                                               art directed some of the outsourced characters
                                            WWE Legends of Wrestlemania 
                                               art directed several of the outsourced characters

2005-2008        MIDWAY L.A., Moorpark, CA
                                      SENIOR CHARACTER ARTIST
                                            Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
                                                senior character artist
                                            TNA: IMPACT!
                                                senior character artist
                                            The Wheelman
                                                senior character artist
                                            Mortal Kombat: Fire and Ice
                                                senior character artist
                                            Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
                                                created the shell

1994-2004        LEFT FIELD PRODUCTIONS, Westlake Village, CA
                                      OWNER, ART DIRECTOR, CHARACTER ARTIST
                                            MTX Mototrax
                                                environment artist
                                            Backyard Football
                                                environment artist
                                            1080 2 (unreleased)
                                                Modeled and textured all characters, and animated them
                                            Excitebike 64
                                                Optimized and re-textured riders and bikes
                                            NBA Courtside 2
                                                Modeled characters and some stadiums, created NBA likenesses
                                            NBA Courtside        
                                                Modeled characters and stadium, created NBA likenesses
                                            Slam ‘N Jam
                                                rotoscoped animations of players, designed the shell



                            PS4 / Xbox One / iPhone / iPad / Mobile / F2P / Social / Tablet / Smartphone / Android / PS3
                            Xbox /Gamecube / N64 / 3DO / Saturn / PlayStation / Genesis / SNES / Sega CD / PC
                            TurboGrafix-16 / Amiga



                            Zbrush / Max / Photoshop / Flash / Maya / Mudbox / Alienbrain / Unreal Editor / 3D-Coat
                            Substance Painter     


                              San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
                                      Bachelor of Science Degree in GRAPHIC DESIGN with an
                                      ILLUSTRATION concentration 





★     ★     ★     ★     ★

“talented and hard-working, and brings a deft, tangible excellence to his position”
“most impressive character artists I have ever had the privilege to work with”
“at the top of his technical game, and always willing to work with those around him to boost their skills”
“he will raise the standard of character art quality on any project he is involved with”
“great attention to detail and his knowledge allows him to tackle any challenge”
“as an art director, he has high standards, a great eye and is a clear communicator”
“talks the talk, and walks the walk”

★     ★     ★     ★     ★



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